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Machine Stretch Film

It's easy to confuse shrink film (or shrink wrap) and stretch film (or stretch wrap). Here's how they differ:

Stretch Wrap or Pallet Wrap is a thick, strong, stretchy material that is wrapped around shipping pallets or heavy bulk products (such as bottles or cans). Stretch wrap is applied at the end of the packaging process before products leave the door, and keeps them from shifting during transport or retail distribution. Stretch wrap does not shrink, and does not require that heat tunnels or guns be used in the packaging process.

Shrink film is a flexible packaging film that is sealed around a product and heated in a shrink tunnel. The film then shrinks in all directions for a tight, clear fit.

Stretch Wrap or Stretch Film Uses Tension

Stretch Film

Bundling Film (sometimes referred to as masterwrap or goodwrapper) is a variant of stretch wrap that is typically applied by hand using a one-handed dispenser. It's ideal for small wrapping tasks.

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Stretch wrap can be applied by hand or by using a stretch wrap machine. Machines can be fully automated or semi-automated; installed in-line or as roaming, robotic wrappers; and prices can vary from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands. Our product specialists can help you determine the best wrapper for your machine stretch film requirements.

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Shrink Film or Shrink Wrap Uses Heat

Shrink Film

Shrinkwrap is a polyolefin with specially engineered properties for strength, clarity, shrink performance and line speeds. It can be very thin for wrapping lightweight products or thicker for applications like bundling multiple packages or replacing corrugate shippers.

Shrink film is also sometimes referred to as Heat Film or Blister Pak.

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