Custom Boxes

Corrugated packaging provides a solution for just about every type of packaging problem. Itís durable, versatile, lightweight and innovative. The corrugated industry has thrived for more than 100 years as other industries have slipped into oblivion because corrugated is an agile product. It can morph into new structures to protect and promote new products or traditional products in new, unique ways.

Corrugated is the most dominant material in the packaging world. 30 cents of every dollar spent on packaging goes toward corrugated products. And it's environmentally friendly. 74% of all corrugated product is recycled.

As with any packaging product, it's essential that your boxes be designed for your application. Size, strength and style are all important factors in making a box work optimally for you. Use the links on this page to help determine the best box for your requirements, or call one of our experts to help you through the process.

Custom Box Specification Form

The first step in placing a custom box order is to complete our Custom Box Specification Form. The Specification is available on-line as a PDF file. You can fill it out using your browser - then print it and fax it to your sales rep at your local branch. You can get the fax numbers for our branches on our contacts page. Otherwise you can fax the spec to our head office at:

Fax: (403) 287-7152

Please call one of our sales representatives if you have any questions about the form or how it applies to the boxes you need.