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Packaging Tape

We carry a complete line of tapes and taping equipment. Whether you need packaging tape and a hand tape dispenser or an in-line semi-automated case sealer, we can get you set up and supplied.

Packaging or box-sealing tape is primarily designed to provide a quick and inexpensive closure to a carton (or corrugated box). Like masking, duct and filament tape, it can be used in many different applications and comes in different performance grades and price points. Machine length rolls are intended on semi-automatica and automatic case-sealing equipment.

GF offers a full line of 3M case sealers. These machines (such as the one shown at left) can improve productivity and reduce operating costs at the end of the production line. Case sealers increase plant safety, reduce labour costs, and decrease downtime.

Tape and Tape Equipment

Packaging Tape

We specialize in packaging tape, packaging tape dispensers and case-sealers, but we also carry a full line of masking tape, gum tape, filament tape, duct tape, strapping tape and a wide variety of specialty tapes, as well as protective products like polymask protective tape and bumpons.

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