Screwgun AutoFeed Kit c/w DeWalt Driver up to 3"

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Product Image for 05450004 Screwgun AutoFeed Kit c/w DeWalt Driver up to 3
  • Fasten subflooring to wood or steel framing
  • Also popular for decks and docks.
  • Drives screws 1" to 3" in length (with included PRO200/PRO300 adapters)
  • Nose is designed to deliver non-skid toenailing with consistent countersink
  • Expanded depth range provides countersink in a variety of materials
  • One worker can fasten 2000 square feet of subflooring in just over an hour
  • Add or remove extension in seconds with new G2 QuikLock coupling system
  • Built in bit wrench
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Comes with screwdriver, Dewalt screwgun, extension, quiver, case