Corrugated Boxes & Packaging Products

Corrugated Boxes Vancouver

Corrugated packaging provides a solution for just about every type of packaging problem. It's durable, versatile, lightweight, innovative and agile product. GF offers a complete range of boxes and related packaging materials.

Why GF Boxes and Packaging Products?

  • We have a complete range of corrugated box products to suit every need.
  • Ensure your package is secure and sealed with our lines of cushioning and fastening products.
  • We are committed to being your go-to source for all your packaging needs from corrugated boxes, custom boxes, singleface cardboard, mailers envelopes, fasteners and packaging needs.
  • With our lightweight and durable corrugated cardboard boxes, you can feel confident whether you need boxes for product storage or shipping.
  • Made from 74 per cent recycled materials so you can feel confident you are reducing your environmental footprint.

Let us help you find a solution to your packaging needs today!.

Stock and Custom Boxes

Corrugated Boxes Calgary

We carry a complete range of corrugated boxes, both stock and custom. We have stock moving, cube, storage and file boxes in a wide variety of styles and strengths and we can customize them with your logo or artwork. Our large branches in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver maintain inventories of stock products and our outlying branches can access these inventories to ensure we can always fulfil your corrugated requirements.

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In 2008 our Vancouver corrugated boxes operation was strengthened by the acquisition of the box business of BC Shippers Supplies, a premier supplier of custom boxes. At that time we also acquired the box business of Specialty Container in Alberta, which bolstered our Calgary and Edmonton operations.

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Singleface Cardboard Rolls and Other Packaging Products

Kraft Paper

Boxing your product is only half of the packaging equation. You also need to protect it. We carry a full range of protective products and void fillers, including single-faced corrugated paper, low-cost, all-purpose kraft papers, bubble, polyethylene foam rolls, packing peanuts and more.

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Mailers and Envelopes

Bubble Cushioned Mailer

Sometimes a box is more than you need. Cushioned mailers provide outstanding shipping protection for a wide range of semi-fragile, low-profile items. They're available in both self-sealing and non-self-sealing formats. But if you are using a box, you probably also need a packing slip envelope. We can provide them in either printed or non-printed form.

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Tying and Fastening Products

Corrugated Boxes Edmonton

We have everything you need to close your boxes and secure your product. In addition to packaging supplies GF carries a complete line of fasteners, including plier staples and box-closing staples, along with the equipment you need to apply them. We also carry bar ties, cable ties and Swiftachment products, as well as low-tech but effective solutions like elastic bands and twist ties.

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