Adhesives (Glue) and Applicators (Glue Guns)

When you need it to stick, we offers a wide variety of industrial and construction grade adhesives and applicators from leading manufacturers like 3M, Loctite, Hysol and Lepage.

Hot Melt, Aerosol, Construction, Silicone, Contact Adhesives

Hot Melt Adhesive

Aerosol adhesives are easy and fast to apply and save the expense of applicators. Melt adhesives are versatile and are used frequently in furniture making, woodworking, corrugated case sealing, trade exhibits, electronics and industrial product assembly. There are construction glues for flooring, sealing around doors and windows, wood glues and fillers as well as silicones for other materials. Contact adhesives can bond to many different substrates. We also carry threadlockers.

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Epoxy adhesives provide structural strength bonds on a wide variety of substrates, ranging from metal to wood and rubber.

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Applicators (Glue Guns)

Glue Guns

There are a wide variety of glue guns and applicators available for different adhesives and purposes. Selecting the correct applicator is critical to your success. Our specialists can help you make the right choice.

Adhesive Applicators – Glue Guns