Pre-stretched Blown Handwrap 17.5"x2000' 1/2" Core Ext

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List Price:$11.97 / RLPackaging:132RL/SKID  
Product Image for 27300645 Pre-stretched Blown Handwrap 17.5 x2000' 1/2  Core Ext
  • Improves productivity - no width reduction during tensioning.
  • Reduces the amount of film wrap required.
  • Use less film so there is less to dispose of.
  • Film memory- film is applied with little force,
  • Film will naturally tighten after application.
  • Stabilizes misshapen and protruding loads.
  • More stretch consistency than with traditional film.
  • Pre-stretch is more controllable.
  • Rolled edges and air blown into the roll support the roll;
  • prevents telescoping down and damage to the roll.
  • Lower torque requirements allow user to walk forward instead of backward.
  • Little stretching required; easier to wrap with less physical strength.
  • Consumption can be less than one half of traditional stretch film.
  • 25-40% cost savings over traditional film.