October 1 Price Increases    Significant price increases have once again been announced by North American petrochemical suppliers and we are expecting corresponding price increases for resin based products to take effect in October. We are also expecting an October price increase in stock boxes.

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Our October calendar special features Pallet Jacks. Enter the October promo code now to see details of this offer.

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Stretch Wrap and Stretch Wrappers

GF Inc. is the leading provider of industrial packaging supplies, warehouse supplies, fastening products, packaging equipment and service in Western Canada. From stretch wrap to labeling products and everything in between, we have the supplies you need. We serve both the industrial and residential sectors and partner with the premium suppliers of packaging supplies and warehouse supplies. We are proud to be able to provide full service and support for everything we sell.

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You can use the e-Catalogue to find key financial information about your account, including your current statement and invoice details. You can search for invoices either by the GF invoice number or by your own PO number. This Youtube video shows you how.