Olfa Logo Featured Product    GF and Olfa are committed to providing premium cutters, knives and accessories at great prices. Ask us about getting the right Olfa products to meet all your packaging needs.
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GF is the leading provider of industrial packaging supplies, warehouse supplies, fastening products, packaging equipment and service in Western Canada. From stretch wrap to labeling products and everything in between, we have the supplies you need. We serve both the industrial and residential sectors and partner with the premium suppliers of packaging supplies and warehouse supplies. We are proud to be able to provide full service and support for everything we sell.

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Order Template, Saved Order Video

One of the most useful features of the the e-Catalogue is order templates, or saved orders. You can use these to create recurring orders and then call them up to find a customized list of products and order quantities. They have many uses but are perfect for handling recurring supplies orders. This Youtube video shows how they work.